Restaurant quality produce delivered to your door

We have been a exporter and food service provider for nearly 50 years and over the past few months, for convenience and safety, we have seen an increasing demand for people to have fresh quality produce delivered. So thats how we started and now we are delivering freshness to homes across New Zealand

New Zealand Grown Yams

Available now till October

They are usually the size of your thumb and have a slight shiny ribbed surface.

Other colours available are yellow, apricot and gold which are usually a bit sweeter than red.

Yams are eaten cooked and in this form the carotenoids are more available. Boiling or steaming minimises their oxalate levels. Serve whole or mashed. Use sliced in stir fries. The natural sweetness of yams is enhanced with ginger, orange or sweet and sour sauces. 

Easy to bake, boil, braise, roast, stir fry or stew.


Avocados are near the end of the season now.

So before they go we thought we might put them out on special for you.

Enjoy them in guacamole dip, in salads, or on sandwiches.

NOW AT $1.99 each

From $0.48
From $0.99
From $0.99