Our Story

About Us

For over five decades, Chevalier Wholesale Produce has been at the forefront of fresh produce distribution, proudly serving as a family-owned and operated entity based in New Zealand. Our legacy spans both local and international markets, where we've set the gold standard for quality and service.

Driven by a commitment to provide the best service, Chevalier Produce has continuously evolved to meet the dynamic needs of our diverse clientele. We thrive on the principles of customer-centricity, productivity, collaboration, profitability, community responsibility, and employee empowerment.

Our Commitments

  • Customer Excellence: We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, providing tailored solutions to meet their evolving needs.
  • Agility and Innovation: We operate as a nimble and forward-thinking enterprise, embracing change to stay ahead in a fast-paced industry.
  • Partnerships: By fostering strong, enduring relationships with both customers and suppliers, we create mutual value and sustainable growth.
  • Financial Sustainability: Our robust financial performance ensures stability and longevity, underpinning our ability to deliver top-notch service.
  • Community Engagement: We take pride in our role as responsible corporate citizens, prioritizing environmental stewardship and community welfare.
  • Employee Empowerment: At Chevalier, we cultivate a culture of excellence and inspiration, empowering our team members to reach their full potential.

Quality Assurance

  • Certifications: We hold prestigious accreditations, including a Food Hygiene Grade A from the Auckland City Council and certification from Asure Quality's Approved Supplier Programme.
  • Good Agricultural Practice: Committed to upholding the highest standards, we are accredited suppliers adhering to New Zealand Good Agricultural Practices.

Local Service, Global Standards

With Chevalier, quality produce is just a doorstep away. Our extensive network ensures timely delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to restaurants and food service establishments across the Auckland Region. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing personalized guidance and assistance, ensuring that our clients receive the freshest ingredients tailored to their culinary needs.

Your Partner in Freshness

Our seasoned buyers possess unparalleled expertise in sourcing the finest produce locally and internationally. Leveraging long-standing relationships with suppliers, we guarantee a consistent supply of premium-quality fruits and vegetables, even in challenging market conditions.

At Chevalier Produce, we're not just delivering produce; we're delivering freshness, innovation, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Join us as we embark on a journey of culinary excellence and sustainable growth.


Purpose and Mission: Driven by a commitment to bringing the freshest produce to consumers worldwide, Chevalier's export division is dedicated to extending the reach of our products far beyond our shores. Our mission is clear: to enrich lives by delivering nature's bounty to every corner of the globe, one shipment at a time.

Operations: Behind the scenes, our export division operates with precision and efficiency, orchestrating a symphony of logistics to ensure that our fruits and vegetables reach their destinations in optimal condition. From meticulous quality control processes to seamless shipping and handling, every step is meticulously planned and executed to exceed our customers' expectations.